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ARSON :: essays research papers

U.S. FIRE ADMINISTRATION COMBATS NATION'S ARSON PROBLEM Arson Awareness Week Targets Juvenile Firesetting WASHINGTON (FEMA) -- Everyday brings news of a serious national problem - arson. This year, Arson Awareness Week, May 5-12, focuses on juvenile firesetting because young people currently represent about 55 percent of arson arrests, according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), a part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). "Arson is not a hidden crime. It's murder by fire, a violent crime against property and people. Every year arson kills 700 people, destroys 100,000 buildings and costs more than $1.4 billion," U.S. Fire Administrator Carrye Brown said. "There are, however, effective ways citizens, along with law enforcement and the fire service, can ensure the culprits are brought to justice." Brown said that everyone should take steps to prevent arson in their communities. Arson exists in various forms -- juvenile firesetting, vandalism, pyromania, a murder weapon, and concealment of a crime. "We must identify the faces of arson. In addition to kids setting fires, incidents of adult firesetting are increasing, " she said. Charles Evancho, national arson expert and chief of arson, Detroit Fire Department said, "Arson is one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute successfully. Often the criminal justice system does not view arson as a serious crime. The challenge is to develop sentencing for adults and juveniles." Last year, USFA, provided $2 million to 12 states to develop anti-arson programs. In Colorado, for example, USFA grants support a juvenile firesetter prevention program in partnership with a treatment center for abused children. "We need grant programs and partnerships like this," Brown said. "Arson must be tackled on several fronts and people must protect themselves by strengthening prevention and apprehension efforts." Brown offered the following advice: -- Ask local law enforcement and fire officials to identify buildings at risk for arson. -- Organize arson block watches to monitor run-down and vacant buildings, and report suspicious activity. -- Keep boxes, trash, wood and other combustibles away from buildings. -- Make sure everyone in the family knows two ways to escape from their home. Install smoke detectors on each level of your home and check the batteries every month. Seconds count in any fire. USFA supports the nation's firefighters with training, fire data analysis, public education and research in fire protection technologies. For more information about arson and other fire issues, call FEMA's Fax-On-Demand at (202) 646-FEMA. For Internet users, arson facts are available on the World Wide Web at: http://www.fema.gov/usfa/usfa.htm. Jump to the U.S. Fire Administration

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Price Fixing

The case was released in the mid-2006, where the Federal Trade Commission has declared that they are challenging the members of the Puerto Rico Association of Endodontists, Corporation or the PRAE (Commissions, 2006). This is because of alleged price-fixing collaborations that they would be charging on several insurance policies and dental services that they offer. They have collaborated and made agreements with 30 other competitors, wherein they fixed their prices at the expense of their consumers. Because of this, the FTC was forced to file a complaint against this company since it decreases the competition between these companies, thus higher costs will be imposed on the consumers. This is a clear violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act, Section number 5. In order for this matter to be resolved, The Puerto Rico Association of Endodontists, Corp. will have to refrain from involving in matters that promote anticompetitive conduct in the coming years. Through this, the Federal Trade Commission will be able to make sure that these dental services and other necessary health care issues will be given and addressed for the consumers at prices that they could afford. Keeping a competitive environment in the aspect of health care will open up better opportunities for the people, along with lower competitive prices. Letting healthcare be monopolized will lead to higher pricing and less maintenance, and would really be a burden to the people, the consumers. That’s why these health care providers and producers should not act as one; they should not collaborate with each other in their pricing, because it takes away the aspect of competitiveness between them. The complaints against Puerto Rico Association of Endodontists, Corporation shows that in the year 2003, the company has already began its bargaining with their competitors, thus resulting to the drastic increase in five dental plans already. Another increase occurred during 2004, wherein the prices also went up because of their bargaining. Because of these actions the ones who were jeopardized were the people; they were the ones who carried the burden of increased rates, since these health care issues is a necessity for everyone. The Federal Trade Commission analyzed that these drastic changes in prices have no whatsoever effect on the quality of services offered by the company, thus the additional prices were not really justifiable. It doesn’t lead to a better quality of health care, thus, it is only a waste in the part of the consumers. Given the situation, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a consent order which will be solve the problem at hand. This will hopefully relieve the impact of the alleged anticompetitive actions by the Puerto Rico Association of Endodontists, Corporation and further prevent it from happening again. It would then hinder the company to have any settlements or agreements with other endodontists and negotiate with any payor on the services that they offer, except properly arranged by the organization. Reference: Commissions, F. T. (2006). FTC Charges Puerto Rico Endodontists With Price Fixing.  Ã‚   Retrieved August 4, 2007   

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Lears Relinquishment of Power in Shakespeares King Lear

Lears Relinquishment of Power in Shakespeares King Lear King Lear is an actor who can only play the king. Thus, after he has abdicated his throne, passing the authority to his posterity, he still demands respect and power, which he is unable to claim from any of his former subjects, even his daughters. And as a king with no kingdom, he is an actor with no role to play, the most loathsome of all conditions. Lear himself realizes this, and in scene 4, he cries: Why, this is not Lear (4.204). And later in the same speech, he says: Who is it that can tell me who I am? (4.209). Lear is stuck in his role as king, unable to act in any other manner and powerless to provide for himself, causing the ultimate downfall of he and his†¦show more content†¦(1.124-8) Lear cannot deny his ultimate role as the king. He desires to maintain his name and his rights as king, but to give control of the kingdom to his daughters and their husbands. However, this cannot work: We know immediately that he is doomed to painful disillusionment by his assumption that his identity as king, father, and man, being fixed in the macrocosmic scheme of things, must remain unshaken without its worldly supports (Egan 32). So, King Lears exercising of this nonexistent power establishes his tragic flaw and the problem of the play: the power of the kingdom must reside in Lear only. The consequences of this problem appear very early in King Lear. Near the end of the initial scene, Cordelia has already deciphered the evil designs of her sisters. As she is leaving them to live with her new husband, Cordelia says: Use well our father. / To your professed bosoms I commit him (1.258-9). She realizes that her sisters are using their pseudo love for their father to garner the power of the throne and to misuse the authority that Lear has given them. Cordelia also points out in this statement that she realizes that her father is stuck in his role as king, unable to provide for himself, thus needing the support of the evil sisters to care for him. And they have little use for him: Nothing will come of nothing, and since he hasShow MoreRelated Essay on Facing the Consequences in King Lear999 Words   |  4 PagesKing Lear:   Facing the Consequences      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Shakespeares tragedy King Lear is a detailed description of the consequences of one mans decisions.   This fictitious man is Lear, King of England, whose decisions greatly alter his life and the lives of those around him.   As Lear bears the status of King, he is, as one expects, a man of great power.   But, sinfully, he surrenders all of this power to two of his daughters, as a reward for their demonstration of love towards him.   This untimely

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Movie Analysis The Hatchet - 1480 Words

Castaway The movie Castaway was released in 22nd of December 2000 first in USA and was made by a director called Robert Zemeckis. The hatchet is the first book from the Hatchet series written by Gary Paulsen. The book was first written in 1989 and it is still one of the famous book among younger readers. Both of the text have many similarities relating to the setting, characteristics but also many differences. The movie castaway is about a main character called Chuck Noland who gets stuck in an island after a plane crash. At the start of the film, Chunk who was working for the Federal Express was living a paced life, obsessed with time and observed in his job. He also had a fiancà © called Kelly and was soon to be married. While Chunk was†¦show more content†¦Brian decides to keep him alive until the rescue plane comes. However, after the rescue plane passes him, he gives up on the hope to go back where he was. Chunk tried to escape with the rescue boat he had however he finds out that it is futile and he realised how isolated he was when he looked down at the island from the highest point of the island. Even though the weather was capricious, there wasn’t much water or food, Brian and Chunk never gave up for the same reasons, FAMILY. For both Brian and Chunk, there was something that was given to them before they left which gave them perseverance and hope. The pocket watch was given to Chunk as a Christmas present from Kelly just before he left. The pocket watch had one of Chunk’s favourite photo of Kelly and was passed down from her grandfather making it more valuable. Every night before Chunk went to sleep, he would look at the photo of Kelly, reminding himself that there is someone waiting for him back in his town. Although the hatchet given from Brian’s mother to him wasn’t as emotional to him, it made him stay alive for 54 days. The hatchet was given to Brian from his mother as a small present to take with him but if he didn’t receive the hatchet he wouldn’t have been able to survive in the wild. Isolation and loneliness is one of the main themes when it comes to surviving in an isolatedShow MoreRelated The American Dream and College Essay5160 Words   |  21 Pagesadmissions game works and how to solve this equation. A profitable university to try and examine is The George Washington University in Washington D.C., as this is the university that I am currently attending. This university is profitable for analysis, as it serves as a model for how distorted admissions are. Jennifer Taylor is currently the Midwestern Regional Director of Admissions, whose responsibilities include interviewing all Midwestern applicants and ultimately deciding on those applicationsRead MoreCause and Impact Analysis on the Main Character’s Suffering in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Novel Eat, Pray, Love7348 Words   |  30 Pagesa decision is the basis of Character vs. Self. Examples include the novel called Grendel on the character taken from the epic Beowulf. More recently, there have be en movies about Character vs. Self such as Fight Club and the Academy Award winning movie, A Beautiful Mind. When a person struggles with his or her inner self by deciding whats right or wrong. 2. Person vs. person Person vs. Person is when, in a novel, there is a conflict of two forms of like beings. An example is the herosRead MoreHp Transformation Leadership21564 Words   |  87 Pagessoftware, and components. One of the company s earliest customers was Walt Disney Productions, which bought eight Model 200B oscillators in 1972 (at $71.50 each) for use in certifying the Fantasound surround sound systems installed in theaters for the movie Fantasia. In the 1960s, HP ended up becoming the founder of Silicon Valley. In the early sixties, HP Associates division developed semiconductor devices primarily for internal use. Instruments and calculators were some of the products using theseRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pageslooking at alternative actions that can be taken, then considering the probable good consequences of each action and the probable bad consequences while weighing the positive and negative impact of each consequence. It’s a kind of cost-benefit analysis. Exercises 1. Columbus Day is an American holiday. Write a short essay that weighs the pros and cons and then comes to a decision about whether there should be more or less public celebration (by Americans and their institutions) on ColumbusRead MoreAutobilography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic116934 Words   |  468 Pagesweak and could easily be get tackled, and I learned cool stuff all the time. I had to. Or else I wouldn’t get any â€Å"wow’s†, nothing that triggered me, and often I slept with the ball and thought of new tricks I would do the next day. It was like a movie that kept on going. My first club was MBI, Malmà ¶ Boll och idrottsfà ¶rening. I was six years when I started there. Vi played on gravel behind a couple of green barracks, and I biked to the training on stolen bikes and wasn’t always that well behaved

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Among College Counseling...

Dissociative Identity Disorder Jessica Whitworth Brown Mackie College Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative identity disorder can be diagnosed with, â€Å"the presence of two of more distinct identities or personalities states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self), b. at least two of these identities of personality states recurrently take control of the person’s behavior, c. inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness, d. the disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or general medical condition†, (Levy Swanson. 2008. Clinical Assessment of Dissociative Identity Disorder Among College Counseling Clients. p. 11). Physicians argue that the evidence that the patient presents is real, they are looking for something more, or rather dig deeper to diagnose each separately as its own issue. Psychiatrists also argue that criminals may â€Å"get off† due to the individual’s al ters playing a role in the diagnoses’ everyday life. Dissociative identity disorder, or DID for short, is a controversial subject in the clinical medical world. It is often ruled out as a diagnosis because most physicians do not believe it exists. Gilig (2009) explained, that 80% of patients were forced to be discharged from a hospital even though the patient show extreme suicidal evidence. Another reason for thisShow MoreRelatedSybil Essay3103 Words   |  13 PagesReport PSY 281 – Abnormal Psychology Guilford Technical Community College For Dr. Stephen Ash Student Name(s): Kallie Roberts, Porsha, and Jarvis Date: 15, April 2013 1. Name of Video: Sybil 2. Assigned Case Character: a. Character Name: Sybil Dorsett b. Played by Actor/Actress: Sally Field 3. DSM-IV-TR Diagnoses: Axis I: Dissociative Identity Disorder (300.14) Axis II: N/A Axis III: Axis IV (External Stressors): ScreechingRead MoreQuestions on Abnormal Psychology4701 Words   |  19 Pagesintegrative model, which of the following factors influence the onset and maintenance of somatic symptom disorders?   A.Biological, psychological, social and cultural factors.   B.Psychological, cultural and perceptual factors.   C.Medical, sociological, and psychological factors.   D.Cultural, medical, and gender factors. Answer Key:  A Question 2 of 50 1.0 Points Concerning the cause of dissociative disorders, _______ dominate(s) this field of psychology.   A.theory and speculation   B.statistical analysisRead MoreHistory and Evolution of the Mental Health Counseling Profession3503 Words   |  14 PagesRunning Head: AN ASSESSMENT IN EARNEST Mental Health Counseling Profession Name of Student School History and Evolution By the end of World War II, various non-medical, behavioral and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy surfaced, the growth of some being the impact of the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963 (Pistole, 2002). The Fund provided funding for the development of community-based mental health care programs with interdisciplinary teams (Weikel Palmo, 1989 as qtd in Pistole)Read MoreEssay about 2301 Final Exam Workbook 2 6510 Words   |  27 Pagesexam scores on his roll sheet as well. _____ Dr. Lopez hypothesized that students who consistently attend class get higher grades than those who are absent more often. _____ Dr. Lopez published the results of his study in the Journal of Community College Teaching. _____ Dr. Lopez calculated the correlation between his students rates of absence and their exam scores and found that the two variables were positively associated. _____ Dr. Lopez planned to track students attendance and exam scores andRead More2301 Final Exam Workbook Essay6573 Words   |  27 Pagesexam scores on his roll sheet as well. _____ Dr. Lopez hypothesized that students who consistently attend class get higher grades than those who are absent more often. _____ Dr. Lopez published the results of his study in the Journal of Community College Teaching. _____ Dr. Lopez calculated the correlation between his students rates of absence and their exam scores and found that the two variables were positively associated. _____ Dr. Lopez planned to track students attendance and exam scores andRead MorePsychology Workbook Essay22836 Words   |  92 Pagesscores on his roll sheet as well. ___1__ Dr. Lopez hypothesized that students who consistently attend class get higher grades than those who are absent more often. ____6_ Dr. Lopez published the results of his study in the Journal of Community College Teaching. ___4__ Dr. Lopez calculated the correlation between his students rates of absence and their exam scores and found that the two variables were positively associated. __2___ Dr. Lopez planned to track students attendance and exam

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Wal-Mart - Initiatives That Benefit Society free essay sample

Abstract Since Wal-Mart opened its doors in the early 1960’s profit as with any corporation has been a main focus. Achieving and succeeding in this however is easier said than done, development and success of a company relies on efficiency in current practices and improvements in those practices to insure the future of the company. A strong sustainability strategy which is closely followed will allow for such growth and success; bringing profits to the organization. Wal-Mart is said to be â€Å"a template for 21st Century capitalism† [1, pg 3] they hold a reputation for low prices; however this reputation is not reflective of their profits, as seen during the fiscal year of 2008 Wal-Mart earned $12. 73 billion dollars. [2] With such sizable profits corporations can afford to take risks for potential loss or reduced profits in hopes of encouraging improvements to the environment and society. Some products have been incorporated into Wal-Mart’s stocking that hold little potential for profit, but improved environmental and social contribution. Wal-Mart has set goals to become more socially and environmentally responsible for the impact their products hold. [3] Topic Question †¢As evidenced by Exhibit 12, Wal-Marts sustainability strategy has generally been very profitable. However, two initiatives described in the case benefit society and the environment, but apparently decrease Wal-Mart’s profits. Identify those two initiatives and imagine that you are their internal champion. †¢How would you justify pursuing those initiatives? Intro As a team we identified two initiatives in which Wal-Mart provided a product that had the potential for social and environmental improvement, however did not meet typical profit expectations. Alaskan Salmon fillets which were caught in the Wild by commercial fisheries hold a social improvement for the consumer while the corporation saw little profit and in some cases minor losses. The other initiative which we identified was the environmental improvement associated with the E-Waste â€Å"Box Program† where boxes including ostage were provided to encourage the recycling of electronics at 35 to 50 percent of the cost of the material. [4] SWOT Strengths – Wild caught salmon has a decreased level of hormones and toxins then farm raised, this makes the fish provided at a loss by Wal-Mart a healthier alternative for the consumer. The quality and taste of the fish is also improved with wild caught salmon. Eutrophication has the potential to decrease with less farming improving quality of the ecosystem. Weakness – By selling these products below cost, profits will be lost. It is hard to promote the benefits of programs if consumer is not interested, in the case of the recycling program as consumers were unwilling to pay to participate. [4] Opportunities Change consumer’s view of Wal-Mart’s concern for the environment, by reducing its environmental impact by providing a low cost recycling program. By making organic and environmentally friendly products affordable for everyone such as the Salmon in this case, and set the standard for environmental responsibility by discouraging fish farming and throwing away electronics. Threats – While the wild Alaskan caught salmon has greater health benefits it still cost more than frozen farm raised; consumers don’t want to pay the extra, even if Wal-Mart is taking a profit loss. This threat could leave products on the shelf to spoil, and Wal-Mart was already taking a loss by just providing the fish to consumers. Recommendations We recommend that Wal-Mart continue in its efforts to keep involved in providing products and services which are socially and environmentally progressive. Being that they are such a large corporation an example can be set to others in the industry to recognize the importance of these programs. While loss on a product in retail is not ideal, the overall profits of the company are high and affected very little through a few programs with potential for important social and environmental impact. Justification Farm raised salmon was found to contain 10 times more toxins than wild salmon; by providing fresh wild Alaskan Salmon at a reduced price consumer have a healthier alternative at a moderate price. The same article also stated that farm raised salmon poses risks of cancer, so the decision to provide wild salmon reduces the risk of cancer of the consumer. [5] Salmon that is caught in the wild is a much more nutritious alternative to farm raised, wild fish contain 20% more protein, and 20% less fat , wild fish also contain a healthier ration of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids; all of these factors play a role in the taste of the fish, which overall is said to be better then farm raised salmon. 6] The amount of fish farms has the potential to decrease with a distributor the size of Wal-Mart turning to wild caught fish; this is a strength as the effects to ecosystems will be reduced. Fish farming is thought to be a contributing factor to eutrophication due to the excess organic matter behind in the form of feces, this leads to poor water quality affecting the oxygen content of the water. This subjects the area to increases in algae, and would affect the aquatic life in nearby waters further deteriorating the ecosystem. 7] Cost/Benefit analysis Costs – The supplier is often stuck with extra costs associated with products like Wild caught salmon, from the increase in pay out to their suppliers, potential for product going bad on the shelves as prices are higher than frozen farm raised products. Benefits – Providing healthier alternatives will attract another market of consumers increasing their sales. By providing services and products which are more environmentally and socially responsible, the stock prices have the potential to increase. Economists suggest that stock could be worth over 8% more if they could develop a better reputation in regards to the image associated with their environmental responsibility plan. [4, pg 3] Works Cited [1] Erica Plambeck, L. D. (2007, April 17). Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Strategy. Case: OIT-71 REV. 09/30/08 . Stanford Graduate School of Business. [2] http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/23232814 [3] http://www. nytimes. com/2009/07/16/business/energy-environment/16walmart. html [4] Erica Plambeck, L. D. (2007, April 17). Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Strategy. Case: OIT-71 REV. 09/30/08 . Stanford Graduate School of Business. [5]Science 9 January 2004: Vol. 303. no. 5655, pp. 226 229 DOI: 10. 1126/science. 1091447 Reports Global Assessment of Organic Contaminants in Farmed Salmon Ronald A. Hites,1* Jeffery A. Foran,2 David O. Carpenter,3 M. Coreen Hamilton,4 Barbara A. Knuth,5 Steven J. Schwager6 [6] http://www. paystolivegreen. com/2009/02/wild-salmon-vs-farmed-raised-which-is-better/ [7] http://ec. europa. eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/184na5. pdf

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Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems Essay Example

Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems Essay Sarah had worked for fifteen years as a driver with the Greenline Bus Company .But she had to give it up because of her back-pain. That means ,it is almost certain that she would have continued as an efficient driver even now if such inconvenience did not come her way ,incapacitating her! It might have left a streak of frustration at some corner of her mind, perhaps in the subconscious layer! Psychologically speaking, Sarah is a woman with serious manic-depressive syndrome which hardly surfaces. This again is coupled with outer insouciance and inner feeling of insecurity. Psychological imbalance may be the joint results of chronic suppression of a feeling of exhaustion and bipolar disorder . The latter drives her to swing between action and inaction, thus making her excel in some areas of her duties and fail in some others. Sarah is now a trainer and she is admired by her boss for her adaptability and amiable disposition. But the problem is that she cannot be declared as an efficient assessor as she shows poor ability in interviewing and even if the trainers come and point out her inefficiency she cannot admit it. She tends to forget the previous lessons though she does well with the recent lessons. She lacks in concentration or she has a poor memory to remember the lessons imparted in the previous classes. But she does not understand why she is being undermined . She finds no problem with herself. Perhaps, she has been overconfident about her capabilities. This is again perilous! We will write a custom essay sample on Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Sarah and the ways to cope with her problems specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Sarah might even be in difficulty with the methods of teaching the skills. the lesson-kits should have been concise and easy-to-remember. After giving up her regular job as a driver, she might have suffered from a sense of insecurity along with frustration . Every moment she feels that she might even lose the job of interviewer even. This inward tension keeps her on tenterhooks of which she is unaware outwardly. We are assuming all the possibilities so far. But, one thing must be kept in mind that Sarah is able to take up all the lessons taught for the nonce. If she had less intelligence could she ever take up such intricate lessons? NO! That means, while she is taught her lessons she applies al her gray cells to assimilate it. But, along with passage of time or lack of its application, the knowledge acquired fades out . It is due to lack of retentive power. Of course, it has a connection with her willingness to remember. As she is in the good book of the manager , she is complacent in some way. But, as her inefficiency as an interviewer is pointed out, she falters and feels insecure. But, again she may develop the willingness automatically if she finds the teaching process interesting. It may be that she strains all her intellectual faculty to absorb the lesson imparted at a time, either because of its lengthiness or of its drab, dull nature. So, though she remembers the present lessons , the previous lesson slips off her memory. The learning method that she follows may not tally with the teaching process. Perhaps the teaching method demands learning by rote, which she because of her certain incapability may not always adapt. That may be one reason why she tends to forget the previous lesson. Karen Horney in her Neurotic Personality of our Times thinks that a person become neurotic and panic-stricken when he/she finds a secured position in life standing threatened. As Sarah knows well that if this job of an interviewer stands jeopardized and if always she is informed by her instructor that her performance level is poor, her future may be bleak. Hence this fear-psychosis leaves her trembling and she tends to forget the previous lesson. Naturally, while she goes for taking an interview everything goes awry. On hearing repeatedly of her failure as an interviewer, she grows recalcitrant and feels that keeping her boss in good humor will only solve all problems. She therefore looks adaptable, undemanding, amiable to him. But all the faults lie in choosing and applying her   interview-techniques that she learns in the specific classes. It may be that as thee is fault with her learning method, she cannot remember the nitty-gritty and hence comes out a cropper while application of the techniques come. So her learning methods must be supported by practical application of the theory simultaneously with the teaching of the basic tenets of the same. While interviewing the others a strange inferiority complex too might creep in to play foul. Even if we take it for granted that   she remembered all the interviewing skills she had been taught , she might forget all the tenets while seeing a prospective interviewee. It is simply because of her past designation which had come to a close quite pathetically for a sudden deadly back-pain. In her unconscious , she keeps thinking that she could easily be in her confirmed challenging position of an efficient driver but now she is NOT! For the nonce, she forgets all reasons behind her relinquishing, and feels irritated that she is now an assessor whose ability is constantly suspected and questioned. Naturally, she develops some sort of withdrawal symptoms that ultimately results in alienation and she keeps cutting a sorry figure as an interviewer. May be that for this reason he is internally aloof from the lessons and this lack of deep involvement erases all that she learns from that less on immediately after the interaction. But as I have already said, exerting all her strength she tries to assimilate the immediate lessons. Whatever the case may be, there can be no doubt about her predilection rather fixation with the past. Here, Sigmund Freud in his well-acclaimed book   Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis writes, â€Å"But on the subject of fixation to a particular phase in the past we may add that such behavior is far more widespread than neurosis. Every neurosis includes a fixation of that kind , but not every fixation leads to a neurosis , coincides with a neurosis or arises owing to a neurosis. A perfect model of an affective fixation is provided by mourning , which actually involves the most   complete alienation from the present and the future.†[cf Freud, 1991,p-316] Naturally , if   Sarah’s plight is judged minutely, her previous occupation will be seen to come to intervene .Sarah’s learning too gets impaired   when she learns that her performance as an interviewer is very poor . She tries her best to adopt the lessons minutely but all the efforts go in vain when she is reminded of her loopholes. To sum up, it is concluded despite all her problems it cannot be gainsaid that Sarah has definite problems with the immediately previous lessons. It may be because of three reasons. Firstly, because of lack of concentration and poor retention power the previous lesson drops off her memory. Secondly ,as the assessors din into her brain always that her interview techniques are wrong she stays in tension and though she can respond to the immediate lessons well, the previous lessons betray her. Calm of mind, a tension-free tranquility are essential for remembering that. Thirdly, the lessons are either lengthy or boring for her.   Again, a sense of frustration   gets the better of her while taking interview of the persons for fresh recruitment in the same post [i.e. bus-driver], she had been .Her personality disorders come in the way of acting rightly. Sarah as an assessor may face problems in taking up the lessons imparted to her. Before all, it must be seen that the teaching-learning techniques get suited to her needs. The lessons must be planned in such a manner that Sarah must not face any difficulty in taking them up. For example, these lessons may be broken up in short modules to suit her level of understanding, concentration and further retention. The lessons may be made so interesting that Sarah feels like remembering them for a long time. An example may come handy: A driver must have a good vision and intuition. While taking a hairpin bend on a hilly path, he must make sure to keep his ears pricked up to listen to each and every honk at each and every turn of the road. On a straight path, again, he must keep an eye on the road as well as the side -mirror to keep track of every vehicle that whisks past his car at breakneck speed. A picture is put up on the LCD projector then to show different inclining angles. Sarah must understand and assimilate this much lesson and then the instructor should pass on to the next one. The teacher should make it sure that the short lessons must be supported by paintings, pictures, photographs r any other tool with immense visual appeal. It must enable Sarah to remember every lesson vividly. Audio-visual method of teaching is bound to be effective with persons like her. Sarah as a person too should be analyzed minutely. In Section I , it has been said again and again that   she may have a seed of frustration and insecurity sown in her mind immediately after giving up her job as a   regular driver with the Greenline Bus Company. But why? She had given it up because of her back-pain, a veritable reason, no doubt. Again, she had been re-appointed by the same company as an assessor. But, at the back of her mind   a fear of insecurity unnerves her when her flaws as an interviewer are pointed out .To shrug the unsavory sense off, she tends to disbelieve that she has any such drawback at all. For the aforesaid reasons, Sarah may be taken for certain psychometric tests like Rorschach test and thematic and perceptive tests to ascertain the personality disorders in her. And then of course, depending on the subsequent findings necessary steps may be taken to rectify her demeanors .Similarly, the teaching techniques may be modified according to her learning needs. For example, if it is found that she has a learning disorder she may be given a total psychotherapy treatment and then she may be given her assignments later. If she is found to suffer from a manic-depressive syndrome[bipolar disorder] ,she may be given a breather or a leave for one month or so and then she may be allowed to choose he dates of her lessons and can be lectured in brief sessions. If she is found to have fault with her retention capacity she may be given a respite with a certain task of solving a series of memory tests. Barring all the above-mentioned possibilities, it should be kept in mind that the process of discouragement must be stopped for the nonce. Even if she has faults in her interviewing she should not be said anything blatantly. For the time being, she may be kept aside from the interviewing process. If she asks whether the interviews are being held or not, a lie may be told to deter her. For example, the fresh recruitment has been withheld for the time being or so. Later on, after imparting her short and interesting lessons, she may be tried again with the assignment of an interviewer. This time, she may even excel in her efforts. The instructor should be understanding, cooperative, compassionate and adaptive. They must in a playful manner impart the short lessons to her and a subsequent test must be taken immediately after the completion of the lecture. Of course, the instructor must not forget to ask her about the previous lesson in a light and playful manner. If a light attitude is displayed, she may not forget the previous lesson. Another thing must be kept in mind : her former job of a bus-driver wit the same Company must never be mentioned. Let alone, speaking about her back-pain which was the reason behind her giving up the work. Lionel Trilling in his interesting book The Liberal Imagination says, â€Å"Freud showed, too, how the mind ,in one of its parts, could work without logic, yet not without that directing purpose, that control of intent from which, perhaps it might be said, logic springs. For the unconscious mind works without the syntactical conjunctions which are logic’s essence. It recognizes no because, no therefore, no but †¦.†[Trilling, 1950,p-50] In case of Sarah the problem lies in the fact that she does not understand that her performance as an interviewer is not of any commendable standard. Hence , Sarah’s problem with learning can be solved by following certain methods like: Easy play-method: Not the child’s method of learning, but a kind ,cooperative method of teaching. Memory games: In order to encourage her memory, some intelligent games may be given to her by way of recreation. Psychotherapeutic measures: Some measures may be followed to help her get back a sense of security and come out of the complex, inferior or whatever, she otherwise might have   had. Supportive attitude: The Company must proffer a friendly hand to her by not reminding her of her inefficiency of taking an interview. Rather her training process may be prolonged and shorter and interesting lessons may be provided to her.Her past involvement with the same Company as a driver should never be mentioned because she quit it owing to an excruciating back-pain, which might be the cause of her personality disorder and subsequent amnesia. She must be encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards learning . Sarah’s personality disorder owes a lot to alienation and lack of adaptation to the compulsory necessity.     If we delve deep into the minds of a hundred persons we will find that all of them are ill in some way or the other. For each person separate therapeutic methods produce wonderful results. Naturally, Sarah’s case is not a strange or detached one. If the above methods or steps are followed, she is sure to overcome her difficulties and prove her mettle in course of time.